Created using VECTOR-GRAPHICS software, allowing for the finest detail.

Sticker replacements for the DINKY Eagle Transporters and Freighters! This set includes a plethora of additional graphics for highlighting those Dinky Wonders!

The Alpha Crests are in 2 sizes- "In-scale" with the Eagle- and the size that Dinky originally offered. You also get the 4 Freighter Barrel decals- with the  "Radiation" warning designation.

Two Notes: On such a small scale as the Dinky- I find that it is best to actually paint the Command Module window dark-outs flat-black- although one-piece stickers are included. Also, people have asked- The 5 Red Medical Transporter decals have much the same issue- they do not stick to such a shape as the Cargo Pod (at least not for long)- and thus- need to be painted on for display.

Also included are extra graphics- as mistakes can happen when working on a smaller scale. Additionally, the title and transporter portions can easily be cut to make a name place-card for your Eagle Display. I recommend using a Flat-Blade (non-curved) Exacto-knife, for precise cutting.

Barrel Graphics "close-up." You can Right-Click to zoom in! (FLASH plugin required)

Dinky Eagle with Graphics.



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